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Our practice is designed for you and the best skin of your life. You and your family deserve exceptional attention for your skin!

After all, your skin will always cover all of you.

From preservation and correction to treatment and maintenance, our board-certified dermatologists specialize in comprehensive general medical dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and aesthetic medicine. We welcome all ages, shapes, and sizes for extensive expertise on skin cancer detection and prevention, the latest aesthetic treatments, and general medical dermatology services.

Fresh Face Club

Tyler! Our very own Tyler Wolfe is now seeing patients in Cass Lake and Highland with extended availability. If she could be any animal, it would be a wolf. 🐺. She’s definitely a pack animal! And a little savage. IYKYK. ...

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Watch us cut! Here we are doing a wide excision of a severely dysplastic nevus.
This surgery is necessary because this type of condition resembles melanoma and must be treated as such.
Here we are taking a standard margin around the site, and then closing the skin with a 2 layer closure.
The procedure is relatively quick and painless. Sutures stay in for 10 days on average, and there is an activity restriction during this time. Most of the time there is minimal pain after surgery.
This type of surgery is necessary for atypical moles and other skin cancer.
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Our Fresh Face Club includes this treatment !
We recommend chemical peels regularly throughout the year
There is much less planning involved!
Our Biorepeel can enhance your skin tone and texture in as little as one treatment.
Great for Men!
Great for Teens!
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Check out the highlights from our grand opening celebration at LDG West in Highland, Michigan.
Although a little belated, it was easy to feel our momentum after all the 5 star reviews when we finally celebrated. Thank you to our community and our new patients for welcoming us, trusting us and providing valuable feedback! It’s our pleasure to provide you with lifestyle dermatology, backed by science, that feels like sunshine!
Thank you to our committed and relentless Dr. Michelle Legacy, Dr. Britany Valk, and Tyler Wolfe for your compassion and dedication.
A big thank you to all of our trusted partnerships: Revision Skincare, Allergen, Revance, Skin Better, Hydrafacial, and InMode!
And last but not least, thank you to our LDG team who fills everyday with laughter and joy. 🤩 You are the fuel, the glue, and the jelly!
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A result without the irritation? For those of you in our exclusive FreshFace Club or who are interested in getting brightened up before an event, our new Biorepeel is an excellent option if you’re on the go and unable to commit to downtime. Because of the delivery system, the acid can penetrate deeper into the skin to regenerate and tighten while leaving the outer skin unscathed.
this new system is also a game changer for the body, the back and the neck.
#biorepeel #peel #chemicalpeel #rednessrelief #bodypeel

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Have you met our A team? One of the most consistent comments in all of our five star reviews is how delightful our staff makes people feel. They are compassionate, patient, thorough, warm, and consistent.
We appreciate all that they do!
This quarter, we recognize Jami Wall🫶🏻! She shows up with a smile every day and brings so much joy to our space. @jamiwall24
#officestaff #5star #mornings

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Today is the day! And you won’t want to miss the celebration 🥳
As we celebrate a belated opening and the success of our satellite office in Highland, we we share with you our tried and true.
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Increase your chances of winning! Three lucky winners will win 100 units of Botox each!
Three winners will recieve one syringe of a selected Juvederm product.
We are giving away several luxury, skincare regimens, including Revision, and SkinBetter, chemical peels, Morpheus treatments and more!
There are several ways to get your raffle tickets. Each attendee can earn up to 10 tickets and enter into the raffles of their choice.
Be sure to
✅bring a friend,
✅check in on Facebook,
✅and share the event on your page or with a friend!

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Do you want an opportunity to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about skin care, aesthetics, and Dermatology? Do you love working with people and being part or an energetic team?
Send us your resume!
Tell us about your dreams!
We’d love to meet you!
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Mohs Surgery is the gold standard for many skin cancers of the face and neck.
Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma are common cancers that grow on the head and neck. Often, they are found early and can be removed without a deforming scar.
Mohs surgery ensures that all the cancerous cells are removed while conserving tissue.
When patients are done with surgery, they know that the cancer is gone.
Dr. Legacy is a board certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.
#basalcellcarcioma #melanoma

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Can I get a ❤️? These lovely lips didn’t need anything, but they surely are subtly optimized here with only a half of a ml of hyaluronic acid.
Over filling is OUT.
Microdosing is IN.
#lipbalm #liplines
#hyaluronicacid #skincare

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Have you RSVPed yet?
Be sure to RSVP for this exciting grand opening event! Link in Bio! Our Highland office (LDG west) needs an official celebration!
These raffle items you won’t want to miss!
100 units of Botox
Revision Skincare
PLUS incredible promotions on everything in house!!
Save more when you follow our instructions above and get MORE raffle tickets!
Food by @brieandbamboo
Flowers by @sage_green_flowers_and_events_
Music by @matt_meehan_music
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Flash sale 🤩 on all of our remaining SPF apparel from Mott50.
$20 per item while supplies last.

Text us for sizing !

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Surprises are best when they smell good! ...

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Hair Loss 101:
🔬You need a careful evaluation and examination prior to starting any therapy.
🩺Talk to your Dermatologist about onset, timing, symptoms…
💉Verify that your bloodwork is all normal! Sometimes even within the normal range is not ideal for proper hair growth!
💊Take hair support supplements, NOT biotin.
🌡️Consider Platelet Rich Fibrin injections to put growth factors at the follicles.
🩺There are several prescriptions to help with hair loss. What you will benefit from depends on the diagnosis.
#hairloss #hairsupplement #nutrafol #prf #prp #hairtutorial #haireducation

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Spider veins? Treat them now.
Why?? ⬇️
Sclerotherapy is safe.
There is bruising!!!
You have to wear compression stockings for 2-3 days afterwards.
It may take 2-3 sessions to get a complete clearance.
They only get bigger!
It’s soooo satisfying to watch!
#spiderveins #spiderveintreatment #legveins #asclera #cosmetics #legmakeup

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The secret? 🤫
Hydrafacial all the time. See ⬇️
🫶🏻Deep cleanse.
🫶🏻Mini peel
DEEP PEACE and Relaxation
💆🏼‍♀️Time resting
💋Instant Date Night face
And another secret ⬇️
Did you know we have a VIP membership called the Fresh Face Club that offers frequent hydrafacials? Want to know what makes it the best around? It’s the only membership that includes your services! There is no membership fee, just a major discount for beautiful filter free skin.
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Do the kids in your office influence style? So thankful that these lovely young women help keep things fancy over here!
We like green.
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When you drive a bunch of hours to get a bunch of love. 💕 ...

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How do you know when you are ready?
Do you give your muscles time to return to full range of motion before your next treatment?
Listen up 💉
You shouldn’t!!
Patients should receive treatment BEFORE the skin starts to crease again.
Every time the skin creases, it drives the line deeper.
Let’s not allow that to happen folks.
#neurotoxin #botox #botoxhacks #daxxify #wrinkleinjections #foreheadlines

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